Your online business is supposed to give you more time, not less.

Book your FREE tech audit, and let's start saving you time and money!

Your online business is supposed to give you more time, not less.

Book your FREE tech audit, and let's start saving you time and money!

As an expert in your field, you get powerful results for your clients.

But is the following also true?

Imagine how you'd feel if you woke up tomorrow and had...

Sound good?

It's all possible with NurtureDash.

As a service-based business owner, reliable systems and automations are the key to more predictable sales, smoother client onboarding, and being able to step away from your business without everything grinding to a halt.

No business is too small to benefit from automation. Our mission at NurtureDash is to bring these benefits to coaches, consultants, service-providers, freelancers, and course creators - no matter whether you're flying solo or leading a team.

With automation your days run more smoothly, your business can consistently deliver "wow"-worthy experiences your clients will rave about and, most importantly, you'll create the freedom to work on your terms and your schedule.

Ready to make it happen?
Book your FREE tech audit, and let's start saving you time and money!

NurtureDash is a business growth & automation platform for online service providers and course creators. It helps you streamline & automate your sales, marketing, communication & deliverables, so you can work smarter, not harder!

Most of our customers are coaches, consultants, and course creators, but if you run any sort of online service or training business we’d be a great fit.  Whether you sell your time or a digital product, we can help you work smarter, not harder. Since we specialize in automations, we're also perfect for anyone wishing to create passive income or just streamline their business workflows.

There is some overlap in features between those tools and ours, but here's where we're different:

  • Those are software companies. We are a service provider with powerful software baked in.
  • We focus on helping you MARKET and AUTOMATE your business, we don't just sell you a place to house your content.
  • We provide an optional done-for-you setup service, plus you can hire our team for additional services as long as you’re a subscriber.
  • Every single customer gets a private 60 min onboarding call with our Founder/CEO, because we really want to help you get up and running and to see you succeed. We don’t just sell you a software subscription and tell you to visit our helpdesk to teach yourself how to use it.

Some other differences:

  • We have 0% transaction fees on all our plan levels (some of our competitors take a cut of your profits).
  • We don’t make you advertise us for free by enforcing our logo on all your pages - it’s optional if you would like to promote us (and earn a referral fee if someone buys after viewing your site).
  • We are a small but well-established business, built, owned, and run by a woman.

We’re software *with* optional services.  If you're a confident marketer, already have your own team or a VA, or just enjoy learning new things, you have everything you need inside NurtureDash to make your wildest business dreams come true, and can consider it a software subscription only.  If, like many of our customers, you would prefer to have the help of our knowledgeable and talented team of techies and designers, we have a range of done-for-you services that you can outsource to us for very reasonable prices.

Your subscription gives you access to our NurtureDash software platform, which is the business dashboard that powers your business, marketing, sales, digital product delivery, and automation.

For an additional charge, we can also take care of your WordPress website hosting and all related care (daily backups, security, tech support, even the plugin licenses on your site) through our NurtureSites service.

Outside of the initial setup work, "done-for-you" services are not included, but you can hire our team to help with those things.

We offer a Done-For-You Setup Service if you'd like us to set up your account and hook everything up to your business dashboard.

Included in the Done-For-You Setup Service:

  • Integration of your calendar* (done live on your setup call)
  • Integration of Stripe account* (done live on your setup call)
  • Integration of Zoom account, if required* (done live on your setup call)
  • Creation of 1 marketing funnel (either a list building funnel or a sales funnel; both 2 pages max. - main page and thank you page)
  • Creation of 1 booking funnel
  • Connection of web chat widget to your website
  • Connection of your custom domain
  • Setup of your new business phone number (sends/receives texts and voice calls through your business dashboard)
  • Migration of your email list (CSV) to your new NurtureDash CRM (GWTF & UP plans only as RSD does not include the CRM)

Not included (but available for an additional fee):

  • Migration of courses, memberships, newsletters, digital products, CRM tags, or funnel pages from other platforms
  • Copywriting, sourcing of images, logo creation, graphic design services
  • Working on your external website (aside from connecting the NurtureDash web chat widget)
  • Creation of forms, surveys, quizzes, workflows, or additional funnel pages... basically anything not listed in the 'included' list above

If you would like a quote for out-of-scope setup work, please email sally [at]

No, we don't have a minimum contract term. You can just go month-to month (although there is a discount for committing for a year). 

You can cancel anytime, we don't have a minimum contract term. Signing up for our annual plan saves you money - so that's the best way to go if you plan to stay for at least a year. (Most of our customers have been with us since we began back in 2017!)

Your setup fee pays our developers to setup and personalize your individual NurtureDash account, funnels, and business automation dashboard, so our setup fees are non-refundable.  Your subscription can be cancelled at any time. If you pay for a year and cancel before the end of your payment period, there are no refunds, since you received a discount on the annual plan to commit for a year.  Most of our clients have been with us since we began back in 2017. If you are unhappy with our service or product, we will do everything we can to make it right. Referrals are how we grow, so we want you to be happy. 🙂

Along with our founder/CEO, Sally, and a growing team of software engineers, we have a customer success team standing by to answer your NurtureDash specific questions. You can contact them right from within your NurtureDash software dashboard. We also have 2 full-time support engineers, Bobby and Tom, who run our NurtureSites web servers and take care of all your WordPress website needs. All of our support personnel are US-based.


The amazing Kariman Pierce (Kay Pierce Coaching) co-creates our training courses with Sally, and is also available for hire as a brand development coach.

Sally’s husband, George, does post-setup QA, and we’re about to bring on another couple of web designers and funnel builders to round out our setup squad.

Oh, and let’s not forget Beep-Boop…

Beep-Boop is our trusted mascot. She’s a helpful robot who was banished from her planet for having too much empathy (a human trait robots do not understand). She came to Earth to be around kindness, hoping she’d be more understood here.

She found her mission at NurtureDash, overseeing our onboarding process, during which she’ll very gently unblock all of your tech chakras. 💫  She loves her job because, as a robot fueled by kindness, helping you is actually what charges her up. 🪫 + 💚 = 🔋

Sure! Just connect with us via the chat widget on the bottom of the page, and we'll text you back shortly. Or if you’d like to book a call, you can do so here.

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